Why Choose your Smallest Viable Market?

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When you narrow down your attention and focus to work with just a certain group of people, you become a specialist, and all of a sudden, you have ruled out the competition.

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The Power of Focus

When you narrow down your attention and focus to work with just a certain group of people, you become very familiar with their problems and build out systems and processes that are very efficient at solving their problems after serving them exclusively for so long.

You become a specialist and all of a sudden, you have ruled out the competition.

Yet, many business owners are reluctant to take this step or can’t commit to limit their market because of fear of losing clients and money.

But think of it this way, how many clients are you already losing to your competition? or how many leads never even find you because of your competition?

Benefits of Specializing

When you decide to specialize in one industry, you get to know your ideal client so well that you can use that to your advantage in several ways.

When crafting your messaging, you can make the wording specific to them so it stands out and gets their attention.

When you are having a sales conversation, you can speak their same language and show them that you are very familiar with their pain points and also that you know how to solve them.

Taking out the Competition

When someone is looking for help, will they choose your competition who does it all, or will they choose you who specializes in solving their specific problems?

For example, If you have a heart condition, you don’t go to the general doctor, you go to the cardiologist.

That is a simple way of how you can build authority and generate trust with your potential leads.

Now you have something very powerful that differentiates you from your competition.

Easier Marketing

Now that you have all that knowledge and social proof, even your marketing is made easier.

You can showcase who you help and how you help on all of your marketing material.

When creating an ad, you can write your copy as if you were talking to your ideal client directly and know that when they see the ad, it will grab their attention.

When creating a video, you know exactly what you need to talk about and include because you are so familiar with your ideal client.

When writing content and articles for your blog or for guest posts, you will know what topics interest your target audience so you can generate more traffic.

When writing emails for your nurturing campaigns, you will know what news is relevant for your target audience so you can save time and still generate leads.

When posting on social media you know what your target audience wants to hear about so you can keep them engaged.

By doing all of the above, you will see a better return from your investment.

Your website will convert more

Your website content, structure, and navigation will determine how many people will actually become leads and then clients.

Having specific knowledge of your target audience by specializing will make it easier to create a website that converts.

Your copy will talk directly to your ideal client and mention their pain points and show them that you know how to solve their problems.

This will allow you to qualify leads because people who are not interested in your services will leave your website and only the people that you want to talk to will actually call you.

Qualifying leads saves you time and money.

Your website will contain information that is only relevant to your ideal client. So by building your website specifically for your audience, you are accomplishing the following:

  • Educate your prospects.
  • Start the selling process.
  • Collect leads
  • Generate referrals
  • Get new clients

And all of the above will occur automatically even while you sleep.


When you specialize, you become the expert and the go-to person for your ideal client. Your competition becomes irrelevant. You can now charge a premium price for your services and increase your profit.

To be clear, you don’t have to limit your firm to one service. But I would recommend making your marketing targeted to one specific service or target audience. This will allow you to save time and money by attracting more leads but more importantly more qualified leads.

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