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The Costas Network Law Center


The Costas Network Law Center, was established in 2012 and has grown primarily out of word of mouth because of the outstanding service and results they obtain for their clients in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Since they didn’t have an in house team to manage their digital marketing, their website was not maintained, content was outdated, blog was abandoned and their website was not generating leads for the firm.

In addition to this, other firms in the area are very well established online so anyone looking for an immigration law firm would more than likely go to their competition.

This means that The Costas Network Law Center was missing out on many potential leads each month due to the lack of presence online and their outdated website costing them a lot of money in the process.

Key Achievements

+ 0 %
Organic Search Traffic
+ 0 %
+ 0 %
+ 0 %
Avg. Session Duration


While evaluating Costas Network Law Center’s digital presence, it was apparent that the website was not a fair representation of the prestige and excellence this law firm had to offer. We found that despite their rapid growth in popularity in the industry of immigration law, the website was slow, design was subpar, content was outdated and they didn’t rank for desired keywords in Google which meant no leads.

We started with a complete audit of the website and found the following issues:


  • Website not generating leads.
  • Content was outdated.
  • Website was slow and loaded on over 5 seconds.
  • Links didn’t work.
  • Blog was abandoned.
  • Images were not relevant and outdated.
  • Contact form was broken.
  • The site was not user friendly.
  • Navigation was confusing.
  • Website didn’t rank for desired keywords.
  • No idea of current website traffic.
  • Google Analytics was not installed.
  • No Digital marketing strategy. 
  • Website developer was not in sync with the goals of the firm.


We started with a workshop where we focused on the items discovered in the audit, deep dived into understanding the business, their goals and what is holding them back from getting there.

Optimized Website 

  • Customer did not have time to work on content for the website. Therefore, we worked on creating an ideal client profile and used that to update the content on the website for each service. 
  • Updated the website design, replaced images and placed CTAs strategically throughout the pages.
  • Fixed technical issues like optimizing images and applying an SSL certificate making it more secure and faster. Now the website was loading in 1.1 seconds.
  • Installed Google Analytics to measure website traffic.

Driving More Traffic

  • We identified a list of keywords that the customer would like to rank for on Google and optimized the website for each keyword.
  • We created a content calendar with a plan for longer keywords, phrases, questions, that were being searched on Google by potential clients relevant to their keywords.
  • Started posting monthly on their blog articles relevant to their desired keywords.
  • Started posting articles on third party websites relevant to the immigration law industry that linked back to the Costas Network website.

We provided a custom roadmap, a unique strategy and obtained the following results:


Once the website was optimized and we had created a content plan and schedule based on the keyword list from services they wanted to promote, we were ready to begin.

Just with optimizing the website(making it secure and load faster), we saw an immediate increase in some of their existing rankings.

Then we started posting an article on the website blog every month based on topics related to their keywords.

After about 3 months(We provide monthly reporting), we observed in Google Analytics, that the website traffic had increased dramatically.

We observed the following key metrics:

  • +186% Organic Search Traffic.
  • +86.9% clicks.
  • +272% Sessions.
  • +142% Avg. Session Duration.

This meant that organic traffic from Google had grown 186%. This in turn generated an 86.9% increase of people clicking on their website and the number of sessions increased by 272%. Furthermore, the sessions duration increased 142%, meaning that people actually stayed more time on their website.

As a result of this, the website has started generating a significant number of leads and new clients each month.

To accommodate this increase of clients and new business, The Costas Network Law Center has had to hire more staff and they are now opening a new office in a second location.


"The team at Ravecode Solutions did an outstanding job on improving our law firm website. They not only made our website look better, but they took the time to sit down with us to talk about our goals and uncover what was holding us back. They really learned as much as they could about our law firm so they can make changes with strategy in mind that would help our law firm grow. They optimized the content on our website as well as optimized the design. Now it looks much more professional and it speaks directly to our ideal clients. We are very happy to now have a website that we can use as the foundation to contribute to our marketing efforts that is already generating more leads. We would definitely recommend working with the Ravecode Solutions team."
Mike Rusaw
Costas Network Law Center

Are you having similar challenges?

We continue to work with The Costas Network Law Center who are going through our signature marketing system, custom roadmap and plan we provided.

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