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Costas Network Law Center


The Costas Network Law Center, was established in 2012 and has grown primarily out of word of mouth because of the outstanding service and results they obtain for their clients. They have hired additional staff and have become well known law firm in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Since they didn’t have an in house team to manage their online presence, their website was not maintained, content was outdated and the website was not generating leads for the firm.

In addition to this, there are other firms in the area that are very well established online and come up everywhere so anyone looking for help would more than likely go to their competition if they didn’t do something about it.

We specialize with immigration law firms and we know that you are busy and can’t focus on creating content or maintaining your website, however, leaving this unattended is a huge missed opportunity. You want the right people to be able to find you and see that you are a professional and expert in the field which they can trust with such an life changing decision.

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While evaluating Costas Network Law Center’s digital presence, it was apparent that the website was not a fair representation of the prestige and excellence this law firm had to offer. We found that despite their rapid growth in popularity in the industry of immigration law, the website design was outdated, boring, and un engaging.

To uncover all of the challenges and goals, we put Costas Network Law Center through our Marketing Blueprint Workshop and our Website Scorecard audit where we found all of the below issues:


  • The site was not user friendly.
  • Navigation was confusing.
  • Content was outdated.
  • Website was slow and loaded on over 5 seconds.
  • Links didn’t work.
  • Images were not relevant.
  • Contact form was broken.
  • Website didn’t rank for desired keywords.
  • Website not generating leads.
  • Not measuring page visits to see how it was performing.
  • Blog was abandoned.
  • No Digital marketing strategy. 
  • Website developer was not in sync with the goals of the firm.


During our workshop, we focused on asking a lot of questions so we can understand where they are now, where they want to be and what is holding them back from getting there.

Identify Ideal Client

For each service, we created an ideal client profile. Knowing what are their problems, what their worst case scenario looks like versus their best outcome and how all of that makes them feel allowed us to create messaging that speaks directly to them.

Call to Action

We discussed and clarified how their sales  process works and what is the desired next steps a person should take on their website in order to become a client. This was not clear at the beginning but they decided on a phone call.

Optimize Content

With the client profiles, we created copy for each service page speaking to the clients problems and emotions while generating trust. We also updated and added images to backup our message

Optimize Website

By fixing technical issues, we got the site to load in under a second and also made it mobile responsive. Furthermore, we focused on the design and building trust. Bringing metrics like 100% success rate, logos from awards and testimonials to the center stage. We fixed the about page to include headshots and bios of all attorneys. We fixed the blog, contact form and placed “Call Now” buttons throughout the site.

Finally, we provided them with a unique strategy and plan detailed below:

Marketing formula

Once the website was optimized and they had a great Digital HQ for their firm, now it was time to think about how to generate more traffic and turn those visits into leads. The website itself will not work if no one is visiting it.

To address this, we determined they were a great fit for our signature system, the Law Firm Marketing Formula which consists of 9 pillars divided into 3 phases(Build, Boost, Profit). This case study was taken right after Costas Network Law Center finished going through the first phase that lasted 3 months.

In our previous engagements, we created a Marketing Blueprint, optimized their website and now it was time to begin executing the plan.

Build Phase

  1. We installed Google Analytics to measure the number of visits, session time, etc. so we can review performance and make informed decisions(We provide monthly reports).
  2. We Identified a list of keywords they wanted to target and we further optimized the pages for the selected keywords.
  3. We consistently create content and publish on their blog. With our Content Machine, we built a calendar(scheduled in advanced) of articles with strategy in mind focusing on the desired keywords so we can attract their ideal clients.
  4. Provided a plan in reusing content by dividing blog posts into smaller pieces so they can create a series of posts on a certain subject that can be shared on social media and increase engagement.


After the build phase, new blog posts are generating traffic, keyword rankings are going up and overall website traffic and engagement is increasing.

As a result of this, their team has grown due to all of the new business and they are opening a new office.


"The team at Ravecode Solutions did an outstanding job on improving our law firm website. They not only made our website look better, but they took the time to sit down with us to talk about our goals and uncover what was holding us back. They really learned as much as they could about our law firm so they can make changes with strategy in mind that would help our law firm grow. They optimized the content on our website as well as optimized the design. Now it looks much more professional and it speaks directly to our ideal clients. We are very happy to now have a website that we can use as the foundation to contribute to our marketing efforts and generate more leads. We would definitely recommend working with the Ravecode Solutions team."
Mike Rusaw
Costas Network Law Center

Next Steps:

Costas Network Law Center still has to go through our Boost Phase and Profit Phase so after 12 months, I am sure their digital presence will be well established.

I will continue to update this Case Study page as we go through the remaining pillars but if you have any questions or would like to see if you are a good candidate for our system, book a quick call and if it makes sense, we can go deeper and at the very minimum, you will walk away with a plan in hand.

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