Keyword Research for Immigration Lawyers

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Thorough keyword research is a fundamental step for a successful SEO campaign for your immigration law firm. In this article, we will give you tips on how to find hidden opportunities so you can get the best ROI for your firm.

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Keyword research for immigration lawyers. If youve been looking into how to improve your SEO efforts, youve more than likely heard countless experts talk about keyword research. After all, keywords are the building blocks of any successful SEO campaign. Without using the right keywords, you wont gain any traction with Google, regardless of how good your content is.

However, how does an immigration law firm do keyword research effectively? To shed some light on the process, weve compiled this guide on how you can do keyword research for SEO and drive more traffic from Google. By the time you finish reading, youll have all the information you need to find the right keywords for your next blog post or web page.

Lets first talk a bit about what keywords are and how they work with search engines.

What Exactly Are Keywords?

A keyword is a phrase or term that someone types into a search engine for relevant results. Law firm’s choose a specific keyword that they want to rank for on Google and other search engines. If you use the keywords properly, people will find your website when they search for that topic in Google.

For example, your website likely talks about immigration services . Your firm has a variety of immigration services that your clients might need or can benefit from. If you were looking for an immigration attorney online, what are some things you would type into Google?

Lets say you want to really push your family immigration service. In that case, family immigration lawyer” would be an example of one of the keywords you want to rank for. However, there are likely other keywords youd want to consider for your content, such as:

  • Spouse visa
  • Fiance visa
  • Parents immigration visa


Why Are Keywords Important for immigration lawyers?

Today, SEO is an extremely complex system of processes that can be incredibly tough to crack. Keywords are one of the many components of a successful SEO campaign a law firm needs to focus on to drive traffic. Google ranks pages based on the quality of the content, and keywords help Google understand what the page is about so it can serve it to the right users.

If you dont include any of the right keywords in your content, then how will Google know what the page is about? Googles top priority is to protect its user experience so that it can generate more ad revenue. Therefore, they want to serve the most relevant content to their users possible. Having the right keywords will ensure Google can recognize your page as a valuable source of information.

If you dont put any effort into keyword research, driving any organic traffic from Google will be next to impossible. On the other hand, utilizing keywords to your advantage can make your firm explode with new clients and, of course, allow you to grow your practice.

What Is Keyword Research?

Now that you understand the importance of keywords for your SEO campaign, how do you find the right ones to use? Thats where keyword research comes in. Researching keywords is a process of trying to figure out how your ideal clients are searching on the internet. You need to know how they use Google and what they type into the search bar when theyre looking for your services.

The process also consists of studying and seeing which keywords perform the best. Well cover exactly how to do this below, so youll know what keywords are worth the time and which arent.

Why Do immigration Law Firms Need To Do Keyword Research?

One mistake many immigration law firms that are new to SEO make is writing content without doing keyword research. Not only is this often unsuccessful, but its a huge waste of time. While not every piece of content you write needs to be optimized for Google, any page you want to rank for needs to have the right search queries.

Proper keyword research is the only way you can understand how your clients are using search engines. Fortunately, it isnt that tricky once you get your feet wet.

Here are a few ways keyword research for immigration lawyers can help:

  • It can help you understand how competitive the search terms you want to rank for are.
  • It can give you an idea of how much traffic you can expect from a particular search phrase.
  • It can help you understand what kind of content you should create to draw in more visitors.
  • It can give you a better idea about your ideal clients and how they behave online.

Tips for Finding the Right Keywords

The first part of conducting keyword research for immigration lawyers is understanding how clients will search for your services on Google. Try your best to put yourself in their shoes and think about how you would search for your company. Once you have a good idea of your potential clients behavior, you can use a keyword researching tool to get ideas.

Before setting out and searching for keywords, make sure you have a strong understanding of your industry. This knowledge will help make the process a lot easier when you have to use a third-party service for generating new keywords.

Here are a few tips you can use when brainstorming keywords for your content.

Start Brainstorming Relevant Topics

Nows the time to sit down and think of all the relevant topics for your firm. You can think of several things your potential clients may search for where you can provide a solution. For your immigration law firm, some of the topics you may think of are:

  • Family-Based Immigration
  • Business Immigration
  • Investors
  • Citizenship
  • Green card

You can also use the related searches” section of Google to find more topic ideas. Whenever you search for something on Google, it will most likely give you a few other related topics. The best part about this strategy is that these keywords are coming straight from Google. In other words, people are currently searching these terms on the platform.

For example, if you search immigration lawyer,” you may see one of the following in the related searches” section:

  • Best immigration lawyer
  • Immigration lawyer for citizenship
  • Immigration lawyer near me

All of these related searches could potentially be blog posts. If you have content on any of the above, you could drive traffic to your blog post using the right keywords to convert them to paying clients. Now you probably are starting to see the potential keywords have to make your law firm thrive.

Check Out Your Competitors and What They’re Currently Ranking For

You can learn a lot from your competitors. Many successful firms thrive with SEO by spying on the competition to see whats currently working in the industry. Seeing what keywords your competitors are ranking for is an excellent way to start creating your list.

There are numerous tools online where you can plug in your competitors domain, and theyll generate the top keywords theyre currently ranking for. Whats more, you can also see what kind of content theyre creating and how its performing to give you some inspiration.

You can also type in a relevant keyword into Google and see which sites rank on the first page. Lets go back to the example above. If you type immigration lawyer” into Google, youre likely to get a lot of results from sites offering immigration services. If you dont see any sites that are similar to yours, try using one of the auto-suggest search terms to find something more relevant.

For example, you could try something like immigration lawyer + your city” and see if any competitors show up. You may see results from big local law firms, but those arent necessarily competitors. Once you find a good match, input their domain into your keyword researching tool to see what kind of traffic theyre driving from each term.

What About Keyword Difficulty?

Keyword difficulty is a metric to show how competitive a certain phrase is and how hard it will be to rank high. For example, some keywords like car insurance” may be difficult to rank for since youre competing with giants like Geico, State Farm, etc. Its not impossible to outrank a large corporation, but its certainly not easy.

Checking keyword difficulty will give you a better idea of how to use a specific phrase, and you can start getting creative and tweaking your keywords to be less competitive.

Keyword research for immigration lawyers: Final Thoughts

No doubt, keyword research for immigration lawyers can be highly complex in the beginning. However, your efforts wont be in vain once you crack the code. Remember, always think about relevant search terms and spy on your competitors to see whats already working in the industry. Then, use a keyword research tool to get all the other insights you need for your next content marketing campaign.

We hope this article helps you better understand keyword research and how it can make your firm grow.

I know we covered a lot, so if you are confused feel free to book a call and we can walk you through the whole process and see if we can help.

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