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In this article, we will talk about Clubhouse for immigration lawyers. We will discuss how it works and how it can help you market your firm to get more clients.

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What is Clubhouse?

Using clubhouse for immigration lawyers. As you may already know, Clubhouse is a new social media platform that is audio-based. A lot of people are talking about the app and it is attracting a lot of new users on a daily basis.

Imagine you are at a conference. Back in the day, you used to travel to a different city and check into a hotel. The conference offered talks about several different subjects and there were speakers there from all over the world.

Now picture yourself heading down to the main level where all of the conference rooms were located. Now you are walking down that hall, and in each room, there were different speakers talking about different topics but you have a free VIP pass to enter any room of your choosing.

Your VIP pass not only gives you access to enter any room and attend any lecture, but it also gives you the opportunity to be invited to speak up on stage.

You can literally enter one room, listen in while you are going through your email, and then enter a different room where you actively participate and even collaborate up on stage with the main speaker.

What’s more, your VIP pass also gives you the option to host your own room where you are the main speaker.

Clubhouse works in a similar fashion but it is all within the app. You can follow people and colleagues, and even connect other social media platforms to your profile so your followers know where to find you.

You also have a calendar with your preferred upcoming talks which you can save and even share with your audience. It also allows starting a room with your connections so you can meet with a single person if needed.

All in all, a pretty neat app with a solid concept and so far has been a lot of fun.

How to join Clubhouse?

There are a couple of restrictions:

  • It is invite-only. Meaning that you can only join if an existing member invites you, or you can join the waitlist.
  • It is only available for iPhone users at the moment. An android app will also be coming in the future but for now, it is what it is.

Getting started with Clubhouse for immigration lawyers

If you were lucky enough to snag an invite and join the platform, you now have access to a lot of people.

The first thing you should do is set up your profile:

  • Upload a professional headshot.
  • Enter your professional description of what you do and whom do you help.
  • Connect your Twitter and/or Instagram accounts.

After the above is done, it is time to look for your contacts. This will include colleagues, clients, and anyone you may follow on other platforms. Search for relevant topics within your industry or topics you are interested in. This will probably uncover other people you would like to follow as well as groups that in Clubhouse are called “Clubs”.

What is a Club?

A club in Clubhouse is simply the equivalent of what we know as a group on other social media platforms. You can join and become a member of a club. This will allow you to see all other members, people that share the same interest, and also always be alerted when events are scheduled or when a new event starts.

My profile is ready, now what?

Ok. Your profile is ready, you selected topics that interest you and you are following people. You will notice that your feed is filled with rooms where people are talking about important topics relevant to your selections.

The best thing you can do now is to simply start exploring the rooms. Enter different rooms and listen. Get familiar with how Clubhouse works.

Exploring a Clubhouse room(as an attendee)

When you are in a room, you will notice 3 different sections separating those present:

Beneath the title, you will find the speakers. After that, you will see another section titled “Followed by the speakers” and finally at the bottom it will simply say “Others in the room”.

As you can see, being a speaker obviously gives you authority as the expert, but being followed by a speaker also gives you some sort of status when in a room. The others present can see this and will probably look at your profile as a result.

These are different buttons available in each room:

  • Search option. Click on the three dots next to the title. In case there are so many people that make it difficult to find someone, you can perform a search within a room.
  • Raise hand. The hand icon at the bottom notifies the speaker to let them know that you would like to contribute and join the conversation.
  • Ping. Clicking on the plus sign next to the hand icon will allow you to ping someone so they can join you in the current room.
  • Leave quietly. This allows you to simply leave the room.


Before leaving a room, I would recommend paying close attention to how people run and moderate the rooms you attend. This will give you an idea of what is the etiquette expected and how to maintain a productive conversation when you contribute as well as when you host a room.

Hosting a Clubhouse room

There are three different rooms you can start.

  • A public room where anyone can join.
  • A social room where anyone who follows you can join.
  • A private room where you choose whom to invite.

While in the room you have additional options as well which allow you to see who raised their hands, a mute button, and the option to end the room.

Additionally, when you tap on a person, you can invite them to speak. Once they are up on stage, you have the option to make them a moderator or move them back into the audience.

Clubhouse for immigration lawyers: How can it help your practice get more clients?

Just being in a room gives you a great opportunity to connect with new people. So if you regularly join rooms relate to immigration law, everyone present in that room is interested in the topic at hand.

This gives you a list of prospects you can start following and connect with on their other social media accounts.

Begin to contribute and speaking in other rooms so people become familiar and start recognizing you. Then start following them on Clubhouse so they can follow you back.

Once you increase your following, you can begin hosting your own rooms and build your authority as the expert, and market your services by providing value and helping people.

Think about when you share on social media, or go live on other platforms. This is similar but can even be more effective because it makes the interaction with people easier and allows you to have a deeper conversation making the connection with your audience more meaningful.

Furthermore, you can share your Clubhouse events on your other social media channels giving you another touchpoint in the sales process with your target audience.

Create your own club

Leveraging clubhouse for immigration lawyers. Now that you have a following, you can create your own club and start inviting all of the people that follow you to join.  

This gives you a great opportunity to create your own community. Clubhouse for immigration lawyers becomes a hybrid platform because it allows you to have Q&A sessions, or maybe host a guest in a podcast-type fashion.

Either way, you provide more value to your audience and even make more meaningful connections with colleagues. Now you have a community that you can leverage to attract bigger names as speakers.

And lastly, your talks with your potential clients will allow you to learn more about your audience, their problems and can serve as a screening session to see how you can help. This exposure will definitely increase the number of calls you get allowing you to increase the number of leads and clients so your firm can grow.


I see Clubhouse for immigration lawyers as a great opportunity for your law firm. Since this platform is still in its infancy, now is the time to start building your following, connecting with people, and putting your name and firm out there.

You will not only have a list of prospects you can follow up on which will be warm leads by the time you reach out to them, but you can generate referrals and word of mouth to a greater extent because you can connect with potential clients as well as with other attorney’s.

We all know that networking is one of the best ways to bring in business. This is a new way of networking that is proving to be very powerful. I recommend starting right away if possible, test it and see if this is for you.

If you have any questions as always, I would be glad to help.

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