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Save time and money by attracting leads that are already looking for you

Is your business not getting
enough leads?

After all the work you have put in, no one is visiting your website and you have no leads coming in. 

You are barely getting by and everything the “Guru’s” are saying is not working.

You are stressed because YOU:

Get your business back on track

You didn’t get in business to worry all the time. Knowing that you can count on a steady number of leads each month will allow you to relax while you focus on doing what you do best.

Think about it…. Isn’t it easier to sell something to someone who is ready to buy? Your online marketing can have a secret weapon that will keep your mind at ease while you face a new problem, how to handle all the new leads pouring in.

Rank your website with SEO

Put your business on cruise control

Don’t stress over how you are going to make it through the month. You know that you are good at what you do, but no one else does. 

We have helped many small businesses rank their websites for their target keywords and start bringing in a predictable number of leads each month.

You deserve that piece of mind so you can enjoy your free time again.

Process is simple

Avoid the frustration and stress


Fill out the Project Inquiry Form

The more information you give us, the better solution we will be able to provide. 


Schedule a meeting

We will review the details and get in touch to discuss next steps.


Create a plan

We go through everything and create a strategy that will achieve your goals.

we love them

what our clients have to say

It is important to find the Real Problems

Some of the areas we look at


Discovery session to uncover any and all issues that are holding you back

Web Design

Optimize your website to convert more visitors into leads

Don't settle when it comes to leads

We hate seeing businesses spend all this money and not get a return on investment. At Ravecode Solutions, we can help you rank for your target keywords so you can overcome your competitors and grow your business.

You probably have your doubts because you have been burned in the past. Your previous agency said they were doing something but never shared what and you never saw results.

You may also be concerned because SEO takes time and you don’t have that luxury.

What makes us different? We are transparent and share a report of everything we are doing each month. It’s TRUE, it does take time in order to do it the right way in the eyes of Google. There is a lot of work that needs to be done each month but we will be with you along the way.

SEO Strategy

SEO is the long game. But once you are on the top it is all worth it. Don’t let your competitors take those leads that could be going to you.

Don't let your competition take leads from you

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